Wait. Uni… again?

This will be short (by my standards) as I’m heading off to start the semester tomorrow when I’ve only just returned less than 48 hours ago, which also included missing Orientation and other things, so that’ll be fun!

I don’t think I can keep up with short-notice surprises on the first of every month, since you probably won’t believe me on April Fools (maybe?) and for the obvious reason that 12 surprises a year would evidently give a poor reader some form of stress-related heart attack[citation..?].

After my graduation from the Australian National University last year, I secretly came back on a mission which involved a bit of toing and froing between departments at the University of Auckland.

End result? I’m now officially a postgraduate student doing Software Engineering* there for at least a little while. Just as that was wrapping up, I jetted off to Europe – with fingers crossed for approvals for my courses which required concessions to be applied (and eventually they did.)

And just in case you’d like to stalk my jetlagged person around, here’s a handy timetable:


  • Yes, I’m now really in Auckland.
  • No, I’m not hanging around a university campus for no reason.
  • Yes, I’m not yet tired of university studies as you can probably tell. Though I will probably be tired of even earlier morning calls now.
  • No, less than a handful of people here actually knew about this – you know who you are if you do.
  • Yes, I’ll be stuck on some form of Auckland’s (sub-par, but improving) public transport for about an hour each way.
  • And no, I didn’t really have a plan for taking this until quite late last year, so as with the theme of this year so far: last-minute.

* Technically it’s a bit more complicated than that, since they actually rejected my application outright the first time, so I’ve ended up having to do a bit of an odd pathway, which actually means I may end up being categorised under Computer Systems Engineering.
But the list of possible course choices are practically the same so I don’t see that being a high possibility. (Or who knows? I can be wrong, when I was not-so-pleasantly surprised with the declined initial application.)