SinE – Day -1: Europe?

There are probably a handful of people who actually know I’m going to Europe… (or for that matter, that I’ve been in Auckland for a bit.)

So here I am at Auckland Airport, with the plane sitting outside which means I don’t get to use an airbridge (boo!)

CX 197/198 plane sits on tarmac at Auckland International Airport
Shuttle buses instead of airbridges? How dare they!

I’ll be in Hong Kong via. CX198 in roughly 12 hours and then another 12 hours to a destination in Europe, adding to a combined +1 day difference from the date of departure (hence “Day -1”.) Any guesses to where the destination is?

I’ll be there for just over three weeks, going in roughly a semicircular sweeping travel path within Europe before returning with a brief 2 night stopover in Hong Kong.

This has also been probably the most last minute travel trip ever. Plane tickets purchased less than a week ago, and only the first week of accommodation reserved. But that adds to the excitement doesn’t it?

I’ll be going over travel plans as I go, so suggestions would also be nice to hear!

I’m going solo – and “Solo in Europe” just so happens to share the “SinE” acronym that people from Robogals would know. (No trademark was infringed right? :P)

Anyway, boarding is about to begin. Wi-Fi is everywhere so I should be able to catch up a little over the trip.

See you in Hong Kong (while transiting!)


After a couple of years of not maintaining a blog, I thought it was time to get one going again. It must be something like 5 years since I’ve last properly used one!

This is running on a Linode virtual instance somewhere on the West Coast of the USA and doesn’t have much at present (set up was only a couple of days ago.)

Some might know that I have, but that at the moment is not really doing anything special as the web host environment is pretty standard and inflexible.

Why “”? I thought it would be fun to get inspiration from Japanese which I’ve started to pick up for the last year. I previously studied it 10 years ago, so it’s not completely new, but I never really used it so most things are slowly coming back…

For those who aren’t familiar, にゃ (nya) doesn’t have a distinct meaning, but means more like an onomatopoeic meow. Google should help you in understanding this a bit better.

I suppose my return to blogging isn’t much to really celebrate about – I’ve been more active (though not to the level of ” social media active”) on Twitter, which you can find by clicking the link in the menu.