Getting back into blogging

The last post on this blog was from 2016, and much has happened since then.

Start of my professional career. Three employers. Four trips to Japan. Getting my own place. A global pandemic. Brewing my own sake. My first car. Australian Citizenship1.

I’ve had multiple attempts at keeping a blog up consistently – it hasn’t stuck and frankly I’ve drifted away from an online presence over the past decade… I don’t even have an account on Instagram or TikTok, and while I still have my Facebook and Twitter/X accounts, they’re effectively in hibernation.

I used to do random posts regularly as a student, blogging through a platform that originally was just a forum, called Geekzone (seems like they wound down that feature now) and tweeting regularly on Twitter. This was back when I had heaps of energy and almost singlehandedly maintained an open resource that listed out providers and prices of internet products like dial-up (!) and ADSL broadband back in New Zealand. Some even wanted it properly funded. Gosh, that takes me back.

Back to the present – I have been “maintaining” this blog in the sense of keeping the software up to date and moving it when hosting has changed a couple of times, but there hasn’t been any real activity on this blog (or as a matter of fact, generally) for a long time.

I don’t have any plans as yet to how I’ll fully reboot this blog, but this post is a note to myself as part of 2024 new year’s resolutions to do more random stuff, more often. I’ve lost a bit of the maker/tinkerer side over the years, and I wanted to get back into that. Keeping a blog up for that hopefully will motivate me to do just that.

Here’s to 2024!

  1. Almost! I’ve been approved but not formally granted it until I attend a Citizenship Ceremony, which I have been recently notified the date of. ↩︎