SinE – Day 2: Rome

Before I begin, an update on photos: I’ve uploaded panoramas to Google+ so that you can interact with them in “3D”! Simply click on the link in the captions. The last post has been updated as well.

I’ve been pretty slow on posting because of studies (at this rate it might take a year to complete), but the semester’s nearly up so I expect to be able to post more frequently in June/July.

Not only that, Chrome crashed twice when writing this post (because of Flickr!) before WordPress saved my changes, so I’m getting into the habit of saving more often.


Day 2/February 3: Rome


It was mostly showers on-off all day which put a damper on things, so Day 2 was spent going slower than I had the previous day and ended up going to far fewer places than expected.

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SinE – Day 1: Rome

Update: Now with photo sphere links for panoramas (15 May)

After going through a couple of weeks of hectic university projects (of which the last week I have now nicknamed the “Assignment Week from Hell” because teachers must be colluding to make everything due in that week,) I have finally been able to resume organising and posting!

Images for the entire trip will be available on my Flickr album – they’ll be incrementally released once I finish their respective blog posts, so right now you’ll only see photos relevant to the first day or so. Continue reading SinE – Day 1: Rome