Reuploading old NXTBUS API stuff

Now that exams are over, I can finally get back to tidying up stuff!

I’ve put back online the NXTBUS pages that used to be on my old website; these are available at:

They are still functional and work with Canberra’s real time bus tracking system by using YQL queries to fetch content from the ACT Government/ACTION website directly.

This method is not useful anymore because developers can actually get access to a proper API now (I didn’t sign up because I wasn’t going to be in Canberra for much longer) – but it was an interesting experiment to see what sort of data was there back when the original first-party service was launched but the API was not yet public.

It was quite interesting to see that you could query past dates and view expired entries – I remember you could just put 0 for the timestamp and get history as far back as possible, but now you have to put it within the hour or so, or you don’t get information back at all.

Nothing has really changed since I put it up in August 2014 and there’s no point to doing anything to it, so it’s there mainly for posterity. YQL definitions are also included at the bottom of the relevant pages if one wants to find out how the data is fetched/parsed.

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